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    "I never wanted any of you to die for me." - Harry Potter

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    "We agreed I wouldn’t sleep with anybody for two months, we never said I wouldn’t look."

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    do you ever just watch your horse do something really stupid like fart and sneeze at the same time or spook at a shadow and you’re like ah yes. this is where i have laid my affections

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    2L Year Prediction

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    "There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever. We are as old as the sky, old as the moon."

    The Last Unicorn (1982)

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    Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, and especially when you really, really don’t want to, but maybe it’s okay. Anyone can say ‘I’m sorry, Mindy for catfishing you with the man of your dreams.’ It takes a real man to march around Manhattan visiting everyplace Meg Ryan ever laugh-cried. And I get to see New York through her eyes, and man was it white. But it wasn’t so bad, it was kinda nice, and I got to show her a little bit of my New York. And I think she liked it.

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    vincit omnia veritas
    t r u t h c o n q u e r s a l l

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Dressage rider, evening in the forest


    Dressage rider, evening in the forest

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